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Here you will find 100:1 DC geared motors, digital infrared proximity sensors Sharp, encoders for micro motors, microcontrollers for servo motors...

The Pololu Force-Sensing Resistor is an electronics accessory you’ll quickly find essential for all projects requiring detection of exerted force or pressure. Ideal for a touch-sensitive project!

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The 1000:1 micro metal gear motor MP 6V from Pololu is a medium performance micro motor is a great choice for applications requiring fine control at low speeds. DISCONTINUED

This set of 12 mm hex wheel adapters for 4 mm shafts (pack of 2) allows you to attach a wheel equipped with a hexagonal shaft to a motor that has a 4 mm output shaft.

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The Pololu 12 Vdc 2-Channel SPDT Relay Carrier allows you to control 2 single pole, double throw switches (SPDT). It comes already assembled.

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Micro in size but ultra-powerful, the 100:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor HP is equipped with a long shaft for use in numerous projects! DISCONTINUED

The 1600 mA 30:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor HP with Extended Motor Shaft is a small high-power motor that can generate a very powerful torque at 1600 mA. DISCONTINUED

2 mounting brackets to mount your micro metal gearmotor on your robot.

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Choose from a range of DC motors suitable for medium-sized projects. With a diameter of 20 mm, they are equipped with a 4 mm diameter and 18 mm long D-axis.

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These aluminium gearmotor brackets will let you mount Pololu's 25D gearmotors to your contraption. The packet pair comes with M3 screws in order to attach your motors. These brackets were designed to feature some flexibility as they have several mounting holes and slots for M3 and #4 screws.

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Range of 25 mm diameter cylindrical DC motors with a 4 mm diameter D-axis. You can choose your model according to criteria suchas power, reduction ratio and the presence or not of an encoder.

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The instant 3-Pin SPDT Micro Switch offers 2 different connection possibilities, and can also switch to SPST mode.

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The most powerful of the Pololu DC motors for your most demanding projects ! WIth a diameter of 37 mm, they are equipped with a 6 mm diameter and 16 mm long D-axis.

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