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Just how well do your pupils know their alphabet? Can they create words using their Bee-Bot mat? Whether they can or not, learning the alphabet and reading has never been quite so much fun!

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With its cute little honeybee face, the Bee-Bot is a programmable educational robot and excellent teaching aid for pupils from nursery through to primary school. This educational robot will help children master spatial location or movement programming.

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The Blue-Bot and Bee-Bot educational robots can move over different activity mats to organise various games and lessons for nursery and primary school pupils. We’re proud to now introduce the Bee-Bot Fairy Tale Mat!

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The best way to get started with Bee-Bot! The kit includes a Bee-Bot educational robot and some basic educational material to launch your first workshops!


The Bee-Bot Treasure Island Mat is both a visual and educational tool and a springboard for triggering your pupils’ imaginations. With your Blue-Bot and its treasure island, you’ll create an unforgettable programming workshop!


A new playground for your robot Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot: clever, and especially customizable!

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