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Here you will find grippers for the robot Khepera III, Kilobot robots, laser scanners and chargers, mobile robots Khepera IV, mobile autonomous robots K-Junior

Khepera III has been designed so that it the robot battery can be replaced easily and quickly, without any tool.

This Lythium Polymer (LiPO) battery pack has a capacity of 1400mAh and a nominal voltage of 7.4V. It integrates an EEPROM enabling to read the actuel voltage of the battery, the remaining capacity and the real-time and average current values.

The robotic arm kit for Khepera III is a small and compact mechanism with 2 degrees of freedom allowing to grasp and transport small objects that would be in front of the robot.

The mobile autonomous robot Hemisson has been specifically designed for education and teaching

Offering similar functionalities to robots used in professional research, the mobile autonomous robot K-Junior is the ideal tool for teaching in mobile robotics and autonomous robotics.

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The best pack for users wanting to have a Khepera III robot equipped with the most useful accessories (KoreBot II embedded PC, microcontroller programmer, battery charger,...). This package comes with a compact suitcase to protect KheperaIII and its accessories and make it easy to transport.

External battery charger for Khepera III robots

Discover the new version of the famous Khepera mobile robot, more powerful and more precise.

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Batteries charger for Kilobots robots

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This board emits infrared light and allows the user to control from one to hundreds of Kilobots robots used to study swarm robotics.

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The Kilobot is a very small programmable robot designed to be used in groups to study swarm robotics.

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Sporty and versatile, the Koala 2.5 by K-Team is a very easy to use mobile robot, ideal for many practical applications! DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.